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Why to Read Fantasy Books?

Reading of fantasy books grows in popularity recently. What is the reason of the grown-ups and kids reading those books? Which books are the most widely known? Obviously, here we will talk about “Harry Potter” by Joan Rowling and the Game of Thrones” as they are the most frequently read and spoken about.

A Brief Overview

Harry Potter books are represented by series of books about a young wizard-boy whose name is Harry. Everybody knows his story, so there is no need to tell it again. The main thing you should understand is that this book is about friendship, love, loyalty and decent deeds.

Game of Thrones is a TV series based on the book “A Song of Ice and Fire”. An action happens in the imaginary world, which resembles late medieval Europe. Main characters are well-known to everybody: young boy John Snow and beautiful Daenerys Targaryen.

Game of Thrones: A Picture from Series

Harry Potter Is a Perfect Educational Book for Children

All we know about kid’s literature is that it should be light, extremely interesting and it should bring some kind of moral education. Children are clever than we are, because they don’t soil their heads with difficult and depressing books to understand the main thing. First three parts are perfect for children, as they teach to be brave, loyal and, what is essential: how to be a good friend. Also, when kids read books, they want to be like the main character, and try to imitate him in all the possible ways. So, it’s vital for parents to choose that right book for their offspring. An effect from the book can be even stronger than some moral directives from their father or mother.

Adults Read Fantasy Books to Get Relaxed

You know what I am talking about if you are at the age of 18 and more. You are an always busy student or a hard-working person and you have got extremely tired of everything. All day long you have been calculating, learning or writing something. After the working day you come home and get your favorite fantasy book. This genre gives an illusion of freedom for adults, who want to get away from the tough reality. For a moment or two they have a possibility to turn back into their childhood, when life was simpler.

Relax while Reading

Game of Thrones as a Trustworthy Story

Producers of Game of Thrones made their best to sound like the best TV series ever. People love it not only because of the gripping plot or magnificent actors. It contains the whole diversity of winning elements for audience. There also many revealing scenes which attracts adults but makes it completely forbidden for children. Although, wargs, dragons, and white walkers are staple occurrences in the series, the audience isn't smacked in the face with overtly outlandish wizardry that would make the characters in Narnia blush. The way the fantastical elements are integrated into the storyline makes it feel like it could happen, makes us believe that having dragons is a possibility in a world of war, and that it wouldn't be out of the ordinary.

A Conclusion

When people read fantasy books, they may recall some moments of their lives or imagine ones that will never happen. That doesn’t really matter. What is vital is that fantasy genre wakes up a new person inside us: a person, who dreams to hunt in the forest, sleep at the foot of the mountains and find a love, which will last forever. Fantasy assures us that everything’s possible. It gives us a chance to be superheroes of our inner worlds.

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