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A Manual for Those Who Want to Survive During the Final Week

Usually, final exams are associated with the nights without sleep, anxious mood and a lot of studying. This is true for most students, but there are some who manage to pass their exams successfully without any interfering with their usual lifestyle. Here we have prepared some recommendations from specialists on how to pass the finals and not damage your health staying in a good mood.

  • Prepare a treat for yourself.


    Final week is a difficult period of life and every exam is a kind of challenge. The peculiarity of a human being is that they work better if they know about getting a reward in future. Thus, you can try to prepare different types of rewards for yourself. It can be a candy for a topic learnt and something bigger like a new outfit for the successful exam.

  • Get involved fully.

    Studying is a process of cognition, which is developed better if you use all the senses for getting the information. Imagine that the materials, which need to be learnt, are not just the terms and formulas but pieces of different sensorial information that you will feel with your whole body. Take a chapter like a song, find an image that will serve as association with a formula, imagine the book like a cake that you need to eat.

  • Do not get upset.

    Try to substitute all the negative feelings and emotions by the positive ones. If you are nervous about not meeting the deadline there is no point of worrying about it too much and worsening the situation by doing nothing. Smile a lot during the final week – smile itself brings happiness to people even if there is nothing good around.

  • Watch your time and energy.

    Proper time organization is one of the “must-follow” rules for the finals. Definitely, you will have many deadlines this week and you have to meet every of them. In order not to miss anything significant you should mind creating a schedule, assessing how many minutes or hours you need for every activity in a day, setting alarm for reminding when you need to finish or start something.

    Apart from time, remember that we depend on the energy rate as well. Although you have enough time you may not be able to do everything in a day because you just run out of energy. Remember about getting refreshed and restore your energy level by sleeping enough, taking day naps, eating healthy and exercising.

  • Retell things that you have read.


    Mostly, studying is about memorizing things so to be able to recall them in the moment, when we need it. There are different methods for improving your memory and various ways to remember things better. Here is one of them: when you read something (a chapter, lecture notes, or a book) try to retell what you have read to anyone. Do not just tell random facts or word that you have remembered but try to structure your story, analyzing the information and extracting the most important and interesting points.

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