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A Successful Proposal Speech

In fact, research proposal is the paper, which you begin any big research project with. Sometimes you have to complete it in written form but also the speech format proposal exists. For the last case, you should consider 3 following points: a topic, a structure and persuasiveness. Here you can find the guidelines and examples for topic selection, proposal speech structure and persuasive techniques.

  1. How to select a good topic for proposal speech?
    • Before you start you should understand your research task and, formulate your proposal speech purpose according to it.

    • Typically, you will have a rather broad topic assigned, which you will need to specify into a research problem and suggest your solutions to it, using particular methods that require explanations and reasoning.

    • There are certain requirements to topics nowadays:

      • Topic must be up-to-date. Note that thousands of research projects have been completed before you started your scholar work and it is rather hard to suggest something brand new. However, you can think about some points that have been left without attention or propose an innovative approach or methodology.
      • You should be passionate about the topic. Be sure that the audience feels when the author demonstrate a genuine research interest. This will contribute to your work and its perception by the readers.
      • The topic, which you select must be manageable within the time frames and word count you are provided with.


    • Here are some topics, which you can consider for your proposal speech:

      • The perspective of Starbucks expanding market in Asia.
      • Should Walmart expand its market in Europe?
      • The duties in medical emergencies.
      • How digital drugs work.
      • Are digital drugs harmful and should they be prohibited?
      • Ethical issues of censorship.
      • Is censoring art fair in reference to freedom of speech and thought?
      • Co-existing of freedom of speech and censorship in modern media space.
      • The components and influences of urban culture.
      • Cross-cultural experiences in business ethics.
      • The transformation of Christian worldview nowadays.
      • Difference between protestant, catholic and orthodox worldviews.
      • Literature style synthesis in postmodern art.
      • White-collar crimes.
      • Conflict resolution on the work place.
      • Racial conflicts at schools.
      • Animal experimenting: pros and cons.


      Speech topic

  2. Format of proposal speech.
    • The written proposal has a quite formal structure that includes abstract, introduction, purpose of research, literature review or summary, methodology part, results, findings and conclusions.

    • When you are making a proposal speech you should consider that you are limited in time and your main task is to leave a lasting impression on audience, if, moreover, you are completing a proposal for grant or scholarship.

    • During your speech try to indicate the most important and innovative points, which you are sure were not presented by other scholars. Try to prove that your project is going to be unique and it is needed to be researched at the moment.

      Preparing speech

  3. Persuasive speech tools.

    Considering that your task is to speak out with your proposal you should be aware of certain rhetorical figures that can grab listener’s attention, concentrate him or her on a particular point, and convince in your position’s validity. In order to make this work for you check the rhetoric, argumentation and claim supporting rules.

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