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Persuasive Essay Against Animal Testing

White Rabbit

Despite the campaign which argues against animal testing, this procedure still exists. Lots of originations, communities, and certain influential people are trying to ban it all around the world. As a proof of its cruelty and harmfulness, there are thousands of injured animals’ images on the Internet. Almost every news report includes information about this issue; however, in many states, it still has a legal status. Here are several points against animal testing and ways to its debarment. It is useful for creating a speech or writing on this subject.

It Is Cruel

Hurting animals, in any case, is considered to be violent and unfair as they are weaker than human, and the man keeps them in cages. Who gives a right to person to use someone else for personal or scientific interests? Almost every survey which is done on an animal is painful to it, causes illnesses and sometimes death. It breaks all moral laws and makes humanity thick-skinned and wicked.

Animal’s Rights

Animal testing offends rights of these creatures. They are caught and put in captivity, in other cases, companies grow up and select special breeds for experiments. Beasts had no choice in their lives and forced to spend all time in ages. The worst thing investigators make them suffer from various diseases, test cosmetics and hygiene items on them as a result animals get stings, wounds, and sores on their bodies. Many organizations try to protect them and sue such companies and scientific groups.

Rat in Cage

Too Expensive

Making research using animals is quite expensive, however, it is not very effective. Drugs, for example, may have a different impact on a human’s and rabbit’s body. As a result, money for the experiment will be wasted in vain. Despite billions of dollars spent on such kinds of testing, very few medicines were discovered thanks to it and most of them for rare diseases. We can say that such studies won’t give a panacea for all illnesses, but it demands a lot of resources.

Unpredictable Results

Testing, for instance, remedies on animals can be unfair and effect on human’s body will be different. Many cures which were considered to be safe for monkeys or dogs are harmful to mankind. Only small percent of side effects may be predicted thanks to such researches. That means a big number of animals is suffering vainly, there will be no use of these cruel experiments results. Moreover, there are such cases when people die after usage of medicine which was tested on animals.

All in all, tests on animals are definitely cruel. To make human’s community healthier and stronger, people should understand that they have to protect and care for weaker creatures but not hurt and catch them for own profit needs. The government has to apply a stricter penalty for using animals in researches and trials. In addition, average citizens should avoid buying animal tested cosmetics in stores in order to not support violent companies and manufacturers.

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