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Author’s Perspective Change

man with magnifying glass

Usually, short stories are written from the first or third person, meaning “I-narration” and “he/she-narration”. You may use “I-narration” if you want your story to sound convincing and “he/she-narration” if you want to detach yourself from the main character, but still be aware of all his thoughts and feelings. If you want your story to be more creative, consider shifting your perspective entirely, and give the responsibility of narration to an unexpected voice.

Critical Reading: 5 Ways to Improve Your Skills

reading the newspaper

Every student knows they need to perform critical reading, but not everyone knows how to master it. Still, it is crucial skill while seeking for in-depth knowledge of any issue or subject. What does it stand for, exactly? It is a kind of reading that prevents the text from getting into your brain, as an indifferent list of proven facts. It requires you to look deep into the text, ask questions and analyze the information given. In studies, it helps you to get better grades on tests and complete papers of high quality. In the professional world, critical reading will discover the possibility to understand the big picture of activities or research in your field and allow you to weigh benefits and risks with greater accuracy. So, how to improve this valuable skill?

Your Thesis Defense Tips and Advice

a thesis defense

The thesis defense is the long-awaited culmination of all your studying processes. It's your opportunity to show the progress you have gained during your students years. A good defense will help you to obtain positive feedbacks and recommendations for your future career development. What can be done to make it a great success?

How To Choose A University: Basic Guideline

list of pros and cons

The organized carefree life of high school is about to end, and now it is high time for you to choose a path in your life. Some may be overwhelmed by the variety of choices, or just blindly follow their relatives’ footsteps into college life. How to take a deep breath and decide on a university that will be suitable for you?

Students` Society and Ways to Organize It

a students' club

College clubs and societies are an important part of our life. Thanks to them, students are able to express themselves and join together around the same interests. Starting your own club is a challenging activity, but it's not as hard as you may think. Check some useful advice on where to start:

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