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International Students and Why You Need to Have One as a Friend

International Student

College is an awesome opportunity to meet and befriend a lot of new people from different parts of Earth. Many students somehow avoid having international students as friends because of the cultural, religion, or other differences. But having such a friend could be a fantastic experience that could change some of your points of view and help you to become a more accepting person. Here several fantastic reasons why you should befriend at least one international student during your college times.

Manage Yourself: Simple Impressing Tips

Manage People

If you are a student, you always try to manage your time, finances, tasks etc., and sometimes it is quite difficult to cope with all that. We all make mistakes, but to minimize them, you should learn how to organize yourself! Check on a few psychological tricks, which can help you significantly.

Exam Failure: Learn How to Cope with It

Bad Marks

For some it is a more usual occurrence, for others it may come as a shock, but failing an exam can happen to anyone. If you have failed an exam, the important thing is not to make a big deal out of it, and never let it get you down. Regardless of your academic achievements, there are a few lessons to keep in mind if you want to come out victorious out of a negative situation.

Lifehacks to Survive Living in Dorm

College Dorm

If you ask around, you may feel like living in dorm is a lot like participating in the lottery. Some get the best prize – lifelong friends, pristine conditions and tons of fun activities that they remember with fondness. Others are lucky enough to get reimbursed for the ticket price. In any case, the life you will get does not depend only on the conditions, but also on your own attitude towards the new life. Are you ready to embrace it?

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