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Couchsurfing: Discover the Possibilities

People in Coffee Shop

Remember you were sitting in the classroom watching raindrops falling down the window. You wished that cloudy sky turned blue but you had felt blue yourself. All your thoughts were about hanging a bag on your back and go aimlessly somewhere far away. Nowadays you can’t think of a travelling in other way but as a part of your lifestyle. Since it is summer and all exams are over, it is just right time to imagine how to spend these months with joy with couchsurfing!

University Interview: Aspect to Pay Attention to

Student During Exams

Annually, once a studying period is over, the time for the placement interview is starting. First of all, of course, you prepare your first resume to the educational institution you would prefer to study in, and only then, after getting a response regarding it, you would have a colloquium with the main professors of the chosen discipline. In addition, the placement interview might be considered as the first step in pursuing a dream. You choose the person you are fond of and wish to become, the things you are most attached to, the occupation you wish to get, the dreams and goals you wish to achieve. Those are one of the main decisions in your life that are considered your personal happiness. Thus, to get ready to the interview might not be an easy thing.

The Internet for the Studying Information: Opportunities and Threats

Using a Computer

Nowadays more than 40% of the world population has an internet connection. The number of users overcame a three-billion mark in 2014 and is still increasing. Mostly the Internet is used for communication and getting diverse information. Less frequently – for career development, getting political news and commercial purposes. As for a student, the world-wide computer network is an irreplaceable source of information, which nevertheless can be either an omniscient assistant during one’s studying process, or a dangerous trap for an unaware user.

Essay about Tattoo Culture: What to Write About?

Tattoo Covered Body

You can like it or not, but tattoos have become a part of modern world. Referring to the statistics, one in five people in the US has at least one tattoo. For someone it is the memory of important emotions, for somebody else it is a way of self-expression, while the others just like to cover their bodies with drawings. The culture of the tattoos itself consists of many aspects and each of them is interesting to mention in your essay.

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