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Why Is It so Important to Look Perfect?

We are getting close to the New Year. Thus, it is time to figure out how you would look in the New Years Eve. Accessories, a nice haircut, and a make-up can be a great addition to your image, don’t you think?

If you want the Red Fire Monkey to be by your side and bring to your life something you have dreamt about; thus, while preparing for the New Year, you should follow a few tips:

  1. The Glamorous Makeup of the 2016: Terms and Fashion Trends

    Do not be shy with your make-up. The Red Monkey likes to do experiments:

    • if your dress is quite bright, you should not emphasize on your make-up. Let it be more natural. Conversely, if your image lacks something, the bright make-up is just the way;
    • buy a red lipstick. This color will bring you success; A Red Lipstick
    • as the hostess of the coming year likes everything bright, that is why you can add rhinestones into your make-up;
    • if you cannot decide which color of eye shadows to choose, you can choose between blue and brown colors.
  2. Jewelry and Accessories for the Holiday: Haven’t You Bought Them yet?

    The New Year is associated with decorations. We decorate the Christmas tree, our apartments, and as well we should take care about ourselves. Jewelry, belts, handbags, cufflinks, tiepins can help you to complement your image. To make a right choice, you should remember that:

    • the small and compact clutches and wallets are not in this year's trend. You should stop your choice on large bags;
    • men’s clothes are more formal. A suit can be complemented with bright neckties, belts, and cufflinks;
    • if you choose between silver and gold, prefer the second. You should be shining;
    • wide belts with brilliant and original claps will be a perfect complement to your outfit;
    • you can buy natural gemstones (aquamarine, agate, red garnet, ruby, opal, etc). From the other side, you can try to find a budget option. For instance, choose the jewelry in those colors that are liked by the Monkey: white, red, orange, yellow, and blue. A Girl with Diamonds
  3. Your Holiday Hairstyle: It Is Time to Find a Good Hairdresser

    Now it is time to talk about the holiday hairstyle. To look perfect, you should take into account that the choice of your hairstyle depends on the length of your hair:

    • if you have short hair, you can just trim it. Your hairstyle should be fresh. The Fire Monkey loves fun, so a strict hairstyle is not a successful option;
    • as for the medium length hair, it is not so easy to make a choice. Anyway, straight hair won`t be suitable. If curls are not appropriate for you, you should simple make a nice holiday hairstyle;
    • concerning the long hair, it can be winded. If wind hair something you do not like at all, you can just make extravagant or funny hairstyle. Also, the ends of your hair can be painted by tonic.

Be in a Hurry: Don’t Waste Your Time

The sooner you decide what to wear to celebrate the New Year, the more time you will have to prepare for the holiday. Do you want to surprise your loved ones?

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