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Mistakes in Essays: Do Not Follow Someone`s Bad Example

If you are not a skilled writer, you may have difficulties with writing essays. Surely, you will go online for guidelines, but you risk to find the unreliable information with bad advice. Not to make the common mistakes and not to lose grades, be aware of the most frequent essay problems in students` works.

  1. Inattentive Final Proofreading

    Most of students are lazy, especially when it comes to essay writing. So, they feel extremely happy when they put their last dot in a paper. They rarely care about reading of what has been written. Nevertheless, it is of a keen importance if you do not want to lose your grades` points due to the lack of some commas, incorrect sentence structure or spelling issues. The final revision will help you to make some stylistic corrections, remove repetitions and make your paper sound significantly better.

  2. Boring Long Introduction

    You are to have an introduction in your essay, but it is to take no more than 10% of your essay content. Moreover, there should not be any purposeless information in it. Every sentence and every word needs to be motivated and stay on its place. Introduction should make your reader closer to the main idea, but never distract from it.

    A Bored listener

  3. Wordiness

    Usually your professor sets some word limit for your essay paper you need to cover your ideas within. This is not something pressing: professors just do not like reading lengthy papers. The short word limit does not make it an easy task, because you still need to tell all the important things, but be maximally concise. Avoid cases, when you have written more than 600 words, but told nothing special. Telling the same thing over and over again with different words will not earn you a good grade. Cross off the words out of your essay until you feel that taking off the further text will have a significant impact on the sense.

  4. Long Phrases and Sentences

    The longer the phrase is, the better. This statement is far from the truth. When reading the long phrase, a person may forget the beginning and lose the point. The short sentences are much more effective. To set a specific rhythm of your text, alternate long and short phrases. Try to read the text aloud. If you feel, that you lack breathing, separate your paragraph into shorter ones.

    Here is a short exercise to manage your essay clarity. After your text is done, mark each of the paragraphs the following way: S (small) for the paragraphs having less than 10 words, M (medium) for the ones having less than 20 words, and L (large) for the pieces with 20 or more words. A well-written essay paper will be like M-S-M-M-L-M-S. If your formula is S-S-S-M-M-L-L, it is time to apply changes.

  5. Too Informative

    A confused person

    Your essay should contain factual and theoretical information, but not too much of it. Too many terms will cause headache for your readers, so take care of them and try to “dilute” your text with explanations in simple words and with examples.

While avoiding these common mistakes, try your best not to introduce your own ones :) We believe in you, so good luck with your mistake-less essay paper!

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