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Skipping Classes Smartly

When you begin your studies it always seems that this year will be not like all the previous ones and you will definitely be the best student on the Earth. Despite all motivations and good intentions students usually begin missing classes after 2 first weeks of study pass. Class dropping is different in every college and may have various consequences. Find out how to drop classes as a professional.

  • The Most Typical Reasons for Missing the Class

    The causes why students do not attend certain classes were identified. Usually the class would lack students due to such reasons as:

    • Demanding professors;
    • Need to wake up early for a particular class;
    • Not understanding the subject;
    • Being uninterested in the discipline;
    • Boring lectures etc.
  • How to Drop Classes with no Bad Consequences

    If you decide to skip some lessons it is better to let the professor know about this. However, you have to think of a really good reason for it. For example, the reason “I cannot wake up so early to attend your lecture” will not work, indeed. But if you say that you are involved in some research work or a volunteer movement, it will have a better effect. Try to explain your professor your situation so he or she does not think that you are a lazy student. Also, you may craft a nice e-mail with your explanations and send it to the prof.

  • Be a Good Actor Mask, playing

    If you want to skip a class for the reason of sick leave you will need to show that you are really feeling not so well. Let your face show all your suffering but make sure that you do not overdo it. It is a better idea to downplay the role than to overplay it and appear to be a cheater.

    Also, you make ask a professor to visit a nurse during a class for this reason, which will demonstrate that you are not feeling well.

  • Be Aware of the Habits of Your Professor Professor, teacher

    Take care of how your professor behaves. Some of professors really cannot stand students that are dropping the classes and may not let you pass this course, which may lead to a very bad result. Thus, you should learn from older students or other groupmates what happened in such situation during their study and be ready for different complications. For example, some instructors ask students to come on other days or join different group with the same course; others may give additional tasks for skipping, which may appear to be much more difficult than just staying in the class.

  • Make Your Choice Wisely

    The choice “to skip or not to skip” can sometimes be really decisive. Therefore, we recommend you to set your priorities correctly. If you are willing to miss the class for the sake of playing video games, this is not the best idea as college years is the time meant for studying, first of all. However, if you really have important reasons to drop the class, do not hesitate to do this.

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