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Why to Do or Not to Do the Homework?

No degree can be earned without home tasks completion. An assignment for home is a traditional way to make students remember a material better, train their writing skills, research knowledge and develop creativity. Despite all the benefits, which the home tasks are characterized by, most students tend to dislike studying at home, writing essays, completing projects etc. Here are the points for you to consider whether to pay much attention to homework or to spend this time for more exciting activities.

Advantages of doing homework:

  • Home assignments help to keep your brain fit.

    The rule of life-long learning is sensible as it helps individuals never to stop in their development. While you are studying in college, try to make it “day-long” learning. It means that your cognitive functions should work not only during the classes but after them as well.

  • Memorizing things better.

    One of the general mnemonic rules is revising the necessary material in your mind few more times after you have received this information. A lot of home tasks that you are given to complete are meant to set the material from a class or lecture in your mind and practice its usage.

  • Being a good student.

    Nerd, good student

    Typically, the life of good students is much easier in college than of those who do not try too hard. Once you are on a right track on the beginning of the course (answering during the classes, look interested on the lectures, completing home assignments etc.) the professor will, definitely, notice you even if you are not the best student in your group. Sometimes trying your best is more helpful than achieving the highest results.

  • A high grade is guaranteed.

    Usually, every work, which you complete during the term, is evaluated in a certain amount of points. Once you miss one assignment you will not be able to earn the lost mark having written a different task. This is why if the grade matters to you, do not skip any of the assignments given by your professor.

Disadvantages of completing hometasks:

  • It takes much energy.

    Tired person

    Homework takes a huge part of your time and energy. Having completed all the works for tomorrow you may not have enough time to do what you really enjoy. College life is not only about studying and you need to think about your leisure as well.

  • It is impossible to complete them all.

    Homework, in fact, seems endless. Once you start one you will get ten more to write. What is more, it is hard to complete and submit the task once you have done – usually professors email you back, ask questions, give feedbacks and send your papers for revision.

  • Not all of them are helpful.

    The teacher’s duty is to make you busy and fully engaged in the different types of activities. This is one of the reasons why you get so many tasks. Moreover, some homework assignments are given because they just are to be given and you will never get any practical use of them in your future life.

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