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Is Becoming a Geek Worth Trying?

The recent tendency of rapid technological development has influenced our society, in general, and an individual, particularly. As a result, the geek culture has aroused and more and more youngsters tend to look like geeks, speak like geeks and behave like geeks despite the fact that just few years ago nerdy behavior has been considered not cool at all. Before you have made your decision about turning into the geek check our blog post about advantages and disadvantages of the geeky culture.


Why Is It Cool to Be the Geek?

  • Geeks are usually smart or are considered to be smart.

    Intelligence is a big advantage for people of any profession, age, sex or race. Once you are smart you have a lot of doors open as you can do much more things than any other ordinary person.

    Being a geek is associated with being smart. Typically, geeks were the people who dealt very well with technologies and sciences. Nowadays, a person can be called “a geek” when they are simply good in a certain area.

  • Geeky outfits are stylish.

    A person in glasses (stylish)

    Today, geeky clothing is a new fashion. Such accessories as glasses, sweatshirts with smart prints are on the peak now. Up-to-date devices have become a kind of accessory as well and new models are bought just for fun not only because the new functions are important for life. A special geek chic is wearing clothes with prints from favorite geeky movies, TV programs etc.

  • You can change the world.

    The more knowledge you have the clearer you see what is going around you. Once you are aware of the issues, new developments and progressive ideas, you can become an outstanding person with broadminded views and be able to change the world around you.

  • Being a part of the incredible geek culture.

    Geeks have very special entertainments and interests. Most of films, TV-programs and books that they prefer are adventurous and exciting. They do not just entertain but broaden the mind. Also, the favorite games of geeks are full of fun and usually require some brain efforts to become a winner.

Why one should avoid being the geek?

  • Do not pretend.

    If you are far from this culture and do not either know anything about it or enjoy it do not pretend being a geek just because it is fashionable. There are a number of other hobbies and interests that are worth attention, appreciation and involvement. If you are a good musician or cook wonderful dishes do not start learning IT immediately but improve your special skills. The people that are just trying to be geeks typically annoy the ones who are seriously into it.

  • Expressive issues.


    Most people cope with their emotions and manage them adequately. However, the typical geek does not care a lot about all the things around except their own interests. It may seem weird or annoying to other ordinary people while being an introvert can be totally comfortable for the geek.

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