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Dream Job: Advice on Getting It from Famous Designers


The leading designers of Square, Dropbox and Flipboard have disclosed the secrets of how to behave on job interviews to get a chance for your startup and show it to the world. This is quite a good information for students, who are searching for the best job opportunities for self-development with a good salary. So, what is recommended?

Get into Employer’s Shoes and Grasp His Concerns

People are usually self-oriented and think of how to present themselves better. However, you should know where you apply to! You may be asked how to improve this or that company’s product or service. This helps the HR managers to see whether the applicant is ready to work and how their attitude to the assigned tasks is.

It is not enough just to learn more about the company you are passing the job interview at. You need to be aware of the updated info in the sphere it is working, know its competitors and the general challenges in the sphere. A person needs to be inspired with what the company works on, so they will be able to suggest how to make this company more successful. The perspective candidate is recognized by the specific point of view on the product, which differs from the ones already introduced.

Search not for the Job Position but for the Role

Sometimes, people perform the non-suitable work just because they like the title of the job position. The applicants need to understand the role they apply to, so their responses during the job interview should be focused and oriented on that particular role. Different companies have different responsibilities under the same title of job position, so make sure you are aimed at the right thing.

Work On Your Portfolio Presentation

Creating a presentation of your works will work much better than just giving a set of your works in a portfolio. While presenting, you can show yourself on practice to a certain extent. Your speech should be as polished as the works you present, so make rehearsals and train to deliver a perfect presentation.


Show the Process not the Result

When you show your works and present your experience, it will be a good idea to show the process from the very beginning, starting from the first ideas and drafts up to the results. The HR manager will be interested to see how you work, which ideas you have applied and which have not paid attention to further. Explain your choices, what were the challenges: those points will interest your listener.

Admit Your Mistakes

The worse thing is when an applicant blames his previous team on the failures. If a person says bad things about their previous colleagues, this means that they do not admit and respect the work of others. A good worker should see the wide picture.

Ask the Interviewer

If an applicant has no questions to the interviewer, this means that he is not interested in what the company works with. There are a lot of questions one can ask to get the idea of the company he applies to, and this will contribute to a good impression of his intentions to work on the firm.

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