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Billionaires without an Education

Is the higher education that important for a personal development and success? Well, they say it is, when we study at High School, College and/or University. However, there are a few impressive examples of people, who became worldwide famous and superrich without a higher education.

The Top Uneducated Billionaires

Here is a short list of billionaires, who had not got a diploma about the higher education.

  1. Steve Jobs, $7 billions

    Everybody knows Steve Jobs. He became a legend while being alive. The marketing genius, a super-ambitious guy, a tyrant (a lot of characteristics were given to him by people) has changed the world within 40 years. And yes, this is without having any higher education. In 1972 he entered one of the most prestigious and expensive colleges of America (Reed College in Portland), but there he preferred not studying, but doing some spiritual practices. Soon he was expelled with the Dean’s permission to visit some classes. In 1976 an Apple was founded.

    Steve Jobs
  2. Michael Dell, $18 billions

    The first income Michael Dell has got when he was at school. He was selling the subscriptions for the newspaper and magazines in his hometown Houston. Later he became fond of computers and, being a student of a medical university, he started production of his own computers. Selling of the self-made computers had a great success and income, so Michael decided to escape from the University of Texas after the first year of studies. He started a company PC’s Limited, which later was renamed to Dell Computer Corporation.

  3. Mark Zuckerberg, $28.5 billions

    He is a talented programmer and even when being young he was a desired employee of Microsoft. Nevertheless, he was not willing to start his own business. Later he has entered the Faculty of Psychology at Harvard University and created Facebook with his friends in 2004. He actually has not graduated, but in 2010 he already had $4 billion.

  4. Bill Gates, $76 billions

    The founder of Microsoft has been fond of computers and programming since school time. In 1973 he entered Harvard, but for an unknown reason he has chosen Law Faculty. In two years he was expelled and had enough time to devote to his business. Actually, Bill Gates has got a Harvard Diploma, but this was a decision of Harvard University administration at 2007, so this does not count.

  5. Henry Ford, $100 billions

    Henry was born in a family of farmers, but he was never fond of farming. When he was 16, he got a position of a mechanics in a plant, later he has become a chief engineer in “Edison Electrics Company”. When Henry Ford was 36, he created Detroit Automobile Company, but in 2 years it became bankrupt. Later a Henry Ford Company was created, but soon he left and the company was renamed in Cadillac. In 1903 a 40 years old Henry started a Ford Motor Company, which has actually lead him to success.

    Ford and a Car
  6. Amancio Ortega, $57 billions

    Amancio Ortega is a founder of Inditex Company including such brands as ZARA, Massimo Dutti, Oysho etc. He has not even got a school education, as he escaped from school, when he was 13 years old. His father worked at railway and his mother was a servant, so the family was quite poor. At first Ortega worked for a tailor, later he has managed to get a position in a haberdashery La Maja. Learning the rules of fashion, he understood, that it is impossible to gain success in a luxury fashion world. Thus, he decided to work on the principle of affordability. He has been buying cheap clothes and was making items, which everyone could buy. In 1975 he has opened the first ZARA shop with his wife and their income started to grow significantly.

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