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Persuasive Essay Against Animal Testing

White Rabbit

Despite the campaign which argues against animal testing, this procedure still exists. Lots of originations, communities, and certain influential people are trying to ban it all around the world. As a proof of its cruelty and harmfulness, there are thousands of injured animals’ images on the Internet. Almost every news report includes information about this issue; however, in many states, it still has a legal status. Here are several points against animal testing and ways to its debarment. It is useful for creating a speech or writing on this subject.

The Ideal Campus Job for You According to Your Personality

Group of Students

College life can sometimes be hard to handle considering all the expected and unexpected expenses it has. Handling studying process and a part-time job is not something new for the majority of students nowadays, as surely everyone wants to have some extra cash left for the personal needs after all the monthly bills are paid. On-campus jobs are convenient for students because of their close locations and flexible schedules, so applying for one of those opened position can actually be a good idea. But how to choose the right match so not to have any regrets in future? Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect on-campus job offer according to the type of your personality.

Essay About Yourself: How to Write It

Smiling Person

Essay is a genre based on the observation of yourself, your inner feelings. Using the basic rules of creation of such text, you can draw a fairly accurate portrait that will be interesting not only to the reader, but to the author himself. The essay about your personality should present the brightest sides of yours and not just be an another boring type of autobiography.

Welcome Week Survival for Freshmen


Surely, right now you may feel both anticipated and frightened about the upcoming new part of your life – college years. A welcome week can actually be the best and the worst part of your freshman year. You will be super busy moving in, meeting your roommates and new friends, getting used to a campus life, and a lot of other fun stuff. You will finally experience famous college parties and have a couple of sleepless nights anticipating the beginning of classes. These easy tips can help you to reduce the stress and survive the welcome week like a pro, check and make sure yourself!

Ideas to Write in a Christmas Card

Christmas Card

Christmas is a great holiday which gathers the whole family together. Everything is special: atmosphere, music, decorations. However, people often don’t know how to congratulate their friends and relatives with this feast. There are several good tips and ideas in this article; it is helpful for students as well, and they may use it to compliment teachers and lecturers or send a Christmas card to their parents. Pay attention to steps in writing a postal as there are many specific details.

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